Abu Dhabi Best restaurants to eat

10 Best Places to Eat Out in Abu Dhabi

Wining and dining are some of the most pleasurable aspects of Abu Dhabi. At strategic places in this city, you are going to encounter some of the greatest culinary empires. Tourists have the option of satisfying their appetites with a vast array of dishes from restaurants in Abu Dhabi.

Mainly because Abu Dhabi welcomes people of all races into its borders, this city truly is a conglomerate of some of the best cuisines in the world. A quick tour into this city and you will see restaurants from different nationalities such as Mexican, Chinese, Morrocan, etc.,—it is literally a food tourist haven.

Just as too many cooks spoil the broth, too many restaurant options can be daunting to anyone. So, we’ve curated a go-to list of some of the choicest cuisines every food lover in Abu Dhabi ought not to miss.

1. Li Beirut

Situated in the heart of Abu Dhabi is this Lebanese restaurant, Li Beirut. After a long, adrenaline-stimulating day, you can always be sure to be thoroughly pampered there. Its menu consists of local and international Lebanese dishes guaranteed to make you a devoted customer. Wholesome dishes like the foie gras kebbe, falafel, sweet potato, and truffle are made with such mastery that it’s a pleasant surprise to customers.

While their food works its magic on you, you will be treated to the most spectacular skyline view of the city.

A soothing, almost therapeutic ambience bathes the length and breadth of this restaurant. To the delight of customers, there’s a mini bar in the restaurant, separate from the dining area. Every customer is treated like royalty by the professional and friendly staff.

2. Bord Eau

Bord Eau enjoys a good reputation as the best French restaurant in Abu Dhabi. This top-rated restaurant provides some of the choicest French cuisines, from the Loch Fyne wild salmon to the Dover sole a la Grenobloise.

Excellent customer service, artistic decor, and a generally blissful ambience are some of the qualities that make this restaurant a customer favourite. It’s also known for its assortment of vintage wines, which will impress any wine snob.

3. Villa Toscana

Living up to its name, Villa Toscana is the place to enjoy the thrilling and savoury taste of Italian cuisine. Complete with all the trappings of a plush and classy Italian villa, it serves all the contemporary and local Italian dishes.

Customers of this restaurant will be treated to the all-famous Italian hospitality and a range of dishes, such as the tasty tagliatelle with lamb ragout and chocolate powder. True to their Italian roots, they offer cooking classes to novices and some complimentary dishes in between meals. Be sure to experience their Friday lunch special at communal tables for customers.

4. Hakkasan

Hakkasan embodies both the well-known Chinese efficiency and the much-loved Chinese culinary expertise. They take this one step further with their complete mastery of the art of fine dining and impeccable customer service.

Some of the Chinese specialities this restaurant is known for are the tasty grilled Wagyu beef with soy sauce and the Penning duck with caviar, prepared by the world-renowned chef, Lee Kok Hua. The restaurant sits in a serene, almost romantic location, affording diners a beautiful view of the city.

5. Marrakech

The sophisticated and exotic beauty of Moroccan culture and architecture is well represented in this Moroccan restaurant. Once inside the restaurant, customers are immediately transported to a radiant, almost ethereal arena. It’s a popular joke that drinking in the sight and beauty of this restaurant is enough to satisfy one’s appetite!

Tasty dishes from Morocco, such as seafood, fish, meat grills, tagines, and salads, are all prepared to the highest standards.

6. Marco Pierre White Steakhouse & Grill

This one is for all the meat-loving folks who are always ready to sample the variety of delightful ways steak is prepared. Despite having mainly steak on the menu, their menu is very extensive and will easily rival the best steak place you know. To the immense pleasure of customers, they also serve other dishes like the Scottish Salmon, the Alaskan Crab Soup, and Kelly Oysters, just to mention a few.

All of these are available in their modern and classy restaurant, giving customers a refreshingly new feeling of quality service.

7. Quest

Are you on a quest for the best culinary experience of your life? Then run up to the 63rd floor of the Etihad Towers to a restaurant called Quest. This restaurant is arguably one of the best restaurants in Abu Dhabi. This restaurant seems to be an ingenious blend of several Asian cuisines, such as Japanese, Chinese, Malaysian, and Singaporean dishes.

Unsurprisingly, they serve choice dishes suitable for the appetites of vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike. You will also be treated to the refined taste of their cocktails alongside your order.

8. Punjab Grill

Another one for vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike is the Punjab Grill. This restaurant is situated in the famous Ritz Carlton and offers a fine blend of different spectacular Indian cuisines.

It is indeed a go-to restaurant for lovers of the finer things in life and wonderfully spiced dishes. Diners are also blessed with a scenic view of the city while enjoying all the pleasures of Indian hospitality. The staff are helpful and candid enough to help first-timers make the best choice for their meal.

9. Jazz Bar And Dining

clear glass drinking glass filled with beverage on table

Few pleasures in life can be compared to the experience of fantastic jazz music playing in the background while you feast on a sumptuous meal. At Jazz Bar and Dining, a live band plays in the restaurant six days a week.

A truly lively and popular restaurant among tourists of every race, Jazz Bar and Dining, offers a menu that cuts across several nationalities and cultures. It’s an attractive focal point in Abu Dhabi, and expats looking to interact with people of several races should endeavour to grace the walls of this restaurant.

Desserts such as raspberry sorbet, fruit strudel, and seafood make up the menu in this restaurant.

10. Byblos Sur Mer

With an unbeatable scenic view and an ambience to calm the most aching of hearts, Byblos Sur Mer promises only the best.

This hotshot Lebanese restaurant is often the culprit of many discussions bordering on fine dining in Abu Dhabi. Their Friday brunch is one to die for, with seafood, kebabs, hummus, and fatouch made to perfection.

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