Abu Dhabi Best places to visit on Holiday

10 Best places to visit in Abu Dhabi

As you tour through the marvels of this city, here are ten places you ought to cross off your list.

1. Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

The Sheikh Zayed Mosque is one of the grandest edifices of our time. It required about 20 years to complete its construction, and it was only made open to the public in 2007. It features lustrous white marbles intricately added as finishing touches, with the artistic ingenuity of the Ottoman, Mameluke, and Fatimid added as design elements.

Glassworks and mosaic tiling adorn the length and breadth of this mosque, so not only is it the biggest mosque in the UAE, it's the most beautiful.

The Sheikh Zayed was built to have a capacity of 40,000 worshippers despite having an altogether different library for educational purposes. Tourists and non-Muslims are allowed into every breath of the mosque, and they provide free guided tours on request.

Present in one of the prayer halls is the world's largest carpet, infinitely clean and beautiful.

The history of this mosque tells us that the mosque was built by Sheikh Zayed in loving memory of his father, a truly great way to remember a loved one.

2. Louvre Abu Dhabi

Louvre Abu Dhabi is a museum of arts and culture located in the heart of this capital city. It's the homeland of carefully curated art pieces from all over the world. You will find famous names like Picasso and ancient Egyptian sculptures on display for visitors.

As if the architectural design of this museum is not enough to wonder about, Louvre Abu Dhabi runs over 12 galleries in its permanent collection section.

The Louvre is one of the three museums planned for construction on Saadiyat Island, which should become the economic hub of the UAE soon.

3. Ferrari World

Topping the list of things to do in Abu Dhabi is the adrenaline-stimulating car ride known as Ferrari World. While also doubling as the biggest indoor amusement park in the world, it houses the world's fastest rollercoaster ride known as Formula One.

Adrenaline junkies eager to ride will find speed cars like the Flying Aces roller coaster that can go as fast as 120 kilometres per hour on a 52-meter loop! Children are not left behind as there are provisions for a junior GT track that they can ride on.

Very true to its name, Ferrari World has a gallery showcasing Ferrari cars as far back as the 90s. Tourists are also treated to various restaurants, game shows, and car-shopping collections.

4. Warner Bros World

At Warner Bros World on Yas Island, tourists are treated to a cosmic display of every Warner Bros villain and hero.

The animated world also features several adrenaline-boosting activities, eateries, and shopping malls. It's the ideal place for family members hoping to enjoy everything this city offers.

5. Yas Island

green grass field near body of water during daytime

Are you hoping to have a fun-filled, tan-giving day in Abu Dhabi? Yas Island is just the place for you. A beautiful have-it-all island, Yas Island has a mall, hotel, theme park, beach, and Formula One racing circuit.

The Yas mall is every shopaholic's dream and if in need of a relaxing bath after shopping, the Yas Waterworld is just the right place to cool off. This Waterworld has about 40 rides, including the world's first hydromagnetic tornado wafting ride, and the world's grandest surfable sheet wave.

6. Desert Safari

The desert safari in Abu Dhabi features activities like sandboarding, Dune bashing, quad biking, camel riding, and so much more.

This Desert Safari houses one of the tallest dunes in the world, forming an adequate area for sandboarding and camel trekking.

Complete with a provision for a 4×4 tour of the dunescape and dining under the twinkling desert stars, the desert safari is every tourist's dream.

7. Nature Reserve

forest trees

The zoo in Abu Dhabi allows tourists to interact with more than 1700 animals. These animals range from giraffes and Arabian Oryx to elephants.

In this reserve, visitors are also brought closely in tune with nature through several activities like kayaking, camel riding, crocodile feeding, breakfast with parrots, mountain biking, and so on.

8. Observation Deck

Abu Dhabi's Observation Deck is situated at the highest point in the city. It offers tourists a skyline view of the entire city. It is a spectacular experience that every visitor to Abu Dhabi ought to enjoy.

It is situated on the 74th floor of the Ethihad Towers, which is a whopping 300 meters above sea level. Observers are gifted with an incredible view of the city, its coastal areas, and the desert beyond.

A small entry fee is required to gain access to this vantage point from non-guests of the hotel. However, the entry fee can be redeemed for food and drinks from the observation Deck's restaurant.

9. Water Cruise

Another way to observe the breathtaking beauty of Abu Dhabi is to head out onto the water.

Several tours are organized by different operators tailored for different budgets. The day tour allows tourists to view other islands and enjoy some beach experiences.

However, the evening tour enables tourists to appreciate the dazzling beauty of different skyscrapers at night, complete with a sumptuous dinner.

10. Heritage Village

The Heritage Village in Abu Dhabi is the perfect place to experience the simple pleasures of Abu Dhabi. While featuring ample beach space for relaxation, it also has a souq for goat trading, a mosque, and a fort.

The allure of this modernized village seems to be some carpet weaving process on display, pottery, a falaj irrigation system, a spice shop, and a campfire. It's the ideal place for people who want to see the humble beginnings of Abu Dhabi.

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